We have invested a lot of money to build a large, reliable and budget-friendly data center. We have three independent sources of limitless electricity, two independent sources of high-speed optical internet and a level of security that any bank would envy. Mining hosting is a great option that will help you optimize your costs and profits. Your only concern will be to buy hardware from us and pay electricity for two years at preferential prices. We will take care of everything else. When the contract expires we will send the devices back to you for free. This way you will save money on rent, security, refrigeration, internet, fees, taxes and pay one of the lowest electricity prices in the world.

Why host with us


Can I use the hosting with my devices?

The only way is to buy hardware and hosting from us. We do not accept external devices.

Can I pay electricity by installments?

No, to use the service you have to pay electricity for two years at the beginning of the contract.

How will i get my profit?

It depends on your mining pool. We are not relevant to this part.

Can I sign a contract for less than two years?

No, only a two-year contract is currently maintained.

Can I terminate my contract early?

Yes, you can terminate the contract at any time. You need to contact us to state your intention. We will refund unused money for electricity and ship the hardware to you for free.

How do I set up my device?

After successful order, contact us and provide us with details of your mining pool and wallet address. We will make the necessary adjustments. You can change this at any time by contacting us.