Attention! Fake Reviews About Prominer!

Our company is a victim of black marketing. Since we entered the market, our competitors and people who do not believe in our technology have constantly been attacking our web reputation.

Let us review the two types of reasons for their negative reviews:

Our unfair competitors started to perform DDoS attacks against our website. They did not manage to stop our website because our hosting provider protected us. Their next step was to falsify screenshots regarding fake orders which they sent to our hosting provider. As a result, we had to prove that our business is legitimate. We did this and we are still here! Their next step was to contact our domain registrant and to send the same fake evidences. As a result, our domain was suspended for 12 hours. We again managed to prove our legitimacy. In the end, the only thing left for them was to start writing fake reviews. The attempted to do this in our TrustPilot page but their 25 systems detected our competitors’ fraud activity and blocked them. Their last hope was to start writing in gossip forums about us. Here the people who do not believe in our technology come into play.

We are going to take legal action against any website and its users who dare to write about us.

To all our potential clients, please note, that we are the only company in this sector with an active TrustPilot account with over 600 excellent reviews and 4.9 / 5 score. Some of the reviews are labelled with “Verified Order” which means that TrustPilot has performed the necessary checks. We are from the few who accept PayPal as a payment method.

If you come across negative reviews about us, please, report it to us!

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